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Dental Implants

Restoring Lost Smiles in El Paso, TX

Alfred Marquez Jr., DDS is passionate about helping his patients regain complete smiles. This includes performing placement and restoration of dental implants, one of the most effective treatments for replacing missing teeth. Marquez Dental provides dental implants in El Paso, Sunland Park, and the surrounding communities.

Planning Your Implants

The first step in the dental implant process is determining the right way to place them within the smile. Using digital planning software, we can place each implant post in the appropriate position and make sure the restorations mesh with the rest of your teeth. For added precision in some cases, we provide the images we capture to direct the fabrication of surgical guides with the assistance of an outside dental lab.

This phase is especially useful when providing teeth in a day. Properly planning how the all-on-four prosthetic will fit is what allows a patient to receive a brand new smile in one visit.

Dental Implant PlacementDental Implants in El Paso

Dental implants are made of three parts: the post that is surgically placed into the jaw, the restoration which serves as the visible tooth, and the abutment connecting those two components. The implant post serves as an artificial tooth root, giving the restoration a strength similar to that of a healthy and natural tooth, and must be placed before the rest of the pieces can be added.

Our El Paso dental practice conducts dental implant post placement. We then monitor the post across a healing period that lasts a couple of months. This length of time allows the implant posts to successfully integrate into the jaw bone. As a result, the posts become the inseparable tooth roots the implant needs.

Implant Restoration

As the visible portion of the new tooth, the dental implant restoration is responsible for helping you chew food and keeping your smile beautiful. The restoration has to be fabricated to meet both pragmatic needs and aesthetic concerns.

Marquez Dental can fabricate these restorations for you through our E4D CAD/CAM® system. This milling device and software combination lets us create crowns in a single visit, speeding up the process greatly for replacing a missing tooth. Alternatively, we can plan out bridges, dentures, and all-on-four prosthetics with E4D’s software, which are then brought to life at the dental lab.

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Marquez Dental helps patients in El Paso reconstruct their smiles through dental implants. Call us and schedule an appointment today for more information. 

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