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Root Canal Therapy

Saving Teeth from Extraction in El Paso, TX

Dr. Alfred Marquez, Jr. is passionate about helping people preserve their natural teeth when decay occurs. One of the most important restorative treatments our dentist performs is helping a tooth with internal decay. Marquez Dental provides root canal therapy in El Paso, Sunland Park, and all nearby communities.

When Are Root Canals Necessary?

The teeth are composed of three layers: the protective enamel, the white dentin, and the interior pulp. The innermost system is full of nerves and blood vessels that can’t resist decay effectively. Whereas the outer two layers can be restored with a dental prosthetic and otherwise maintained, the pulp can’t be saved once infected by oral bacteria.

If left untreated, the decay of a tooth’s pulp will lead to several undesirable symptoms: discoloration, pain when chewing certain foods, and formation of abscesses in nearby gum tissue. Eventually, the health of the tooth will deteriorate to the point that it will require extraction.

By removing the infected pulp when these symptoms are first noticed, Dr. Marquez can save a tooth from being lost and alleviate these problems. If a crack has formed in the tooth or decay has reached the inner systems, you can benefit from root canal therapy as provided by our El Paso dental practice.

The Root Canal Procedure

Root canal therapy is a simple procedure which can be conducted comfortably at Marquez Dental.

First, Dr. Marquez creates an opening through which the pulp can be accessed. Then, specialized tools are used to remove the pulp from the tooth, preventing recurrence of decay. After our dentist has fully removed the tissue, the pulp chamber is sealed off with a biocompatible material.

The final step is to add a crown to the tooth. This restoration closes off the created pathway, protects the rest of the tooth from exposure to oral bacteria, and strengthens the tooth to make it more physically resilient.

In addition to the standard therapy, we also offer root canal retreatment for patients who experience decay reoccurrence. We also provide pulpotomies, a special type of root canal for baby teeth.

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Marquez Dental offers root canal therapy to patients in El Paso and Sunland. This restorative procedure is one of many ways we help you hold onto your natural smile for as long as possible. To schedule an appointment for this procedure, call our practice today. 

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