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Periodontal Disease

Keeping Gums Healthy in El Paso, TX

There is an important link between gum health and overall well-being. In order to protect our patients’ oral health, our practice offers several procedures to keep your gums healthy. Marquez Dental provides periodontal treatments in El Paso, Sunland Park, and the nearby communities.

Why Gum Health Matters

As periodontal disease advances, the gums begin to wear away. This recession exposes the roots of teeth and can lead to jaw bone loss, increasing the likelihood of losing teeth. Additionally, advanced gum disease has been linked to an increased likelihood of developing systemic health concerns such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease.

As such, receiving care for gum disease is critical to your oral and systemic health.

Treatments Provided at Marquez Dental

Periodontal disease affects different people in different ways, meaning the same procedure may not be right in every case. We offer multiple different procedures to help your gums stay healthy.

The most common procedure behind periodontal treatment is scaling and root planing. As bacterial plaque builds up, it hardens into tartar above and below the gum line. This is often followed up by a space forming between the gums and the teeth, which is referred to as a periodontal pocket. By using specialized ultrasonic tools, our dentist in El Paso scales the calculus build up from a tooth and planes the tooth root’s texture, making it smoother. The scaling halts the progress of periodontitis, while the planing encourages the periodontal tissue to heal onto the tooth’s surface, closing the pocket. We also utilize a soft tissue laser to assist in faster recovery.

This dental laser also allows us to provide gingivectomies, flap surgeries, and gum grafting. A gingivectomy is the removal of an infected portion of the gums, saving the rest of the soft tissue from infection. Open flap surgery temporarily separates the gums from a tooth so our dentist can reach the calculus near the base of the roots. Gum grafting helps the periodontal tissue heal from recession and protects the teeth from decay.

In addition to these procedures concerning the health of gums, Dr. Marquez can also provide bone grafting in preparation for dental implants.

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Marquez Dental provides periodontal treatments in El Paso and Sunland Park. We are able to protect the health of the smile through a range of techniques and the right tools. To schedule your next dental appointment, call our practice today. 

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